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Long time, no blog!

After a short hiatus from the blogsphere, I am back!

I just wanted to take the time and give a shout out to all our site sponsors for and

Birds Comfort -
HQ Bird Cages -
Feathered Friends Momentos-
Arlissa Green Creations-
Davis Aviary-

We appreciate your support of our website! We take every opportunity to refer customers to you :)

More spots are opening on the site, so if your small business is interested in some thrifty advertising opportunity, please contact Emily at subject line: Advertising. We'd be more then happy to work something out with you! Spots on the website and forum are now available.

Wishing everyone a wonderful beginning of November!


Sharon responded on November 12, 2008 at 12:21 PM #

Welcome back... Actually I took a little break from blogging myself.