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Moving with Parrots

Well, its that time of the year again: moving time! I just love packing all my belongings up in cardboard boxes, hauling it into a truck, fitting all the animals into the car, and driving to my new place of residence. NOT!
The parrots are not happy. Not happy at all. I had to take apart their 'caique condo' (see post in 07 for picture of the condo) so that it could actually fit in the truch- I assembled it inside the bird room and found that for whatever reason my doorways are not 50 inches wide. So the condo is safely awaiting its departure in the garage, and the caiques are in temp. 18 by 18 cages. Poor babies have to get by with only a couple perches and toys each. And they are not happy about this situation, not happy at all. Can't say I blame them- but their upset is driving me bonkers! They are complaining all day about their new arrangements.
Anyhow, the plan is to put the caiques, amazon, and parrotlets into travel cages, hook them into the car, and make the 2 hour trip to our latest destination. The caiques like car rides, so hopefully that will be enough stimulation to shut them up while we have the daunting task of unloading the moving van and trying to get some semblance of order in the house again. Once the van is unloaded the people have rested, we can get the cages back together and in their proper places. Until then the poor babies are going to be stuck in their temporary travel cages. Poor neglected things.
Just kidding about them being neglected, of course.
This week shall be interesting. I will be taking various notes for all parties interested, and shall have some funny stories (I am most certain of this!) when I return.

Hidden Gems

I love stumbling across hidden gems on the internet! Take the following pictures, for example.

This is a picture of a pallid caique, found on website. The pallid is a subspecies of the black headed caique, and one that is rarely photographed.

This picture was labeled as a yellow thigh caique, when in actuality it is a green thigh, another rarely photographed subspecies.

This photo was unearthed at Its so refreshing to see the little talked about subspecies finally get some photo recognition!

We end with another small picture of some green thigh caiques. Until recently the only picture I had ever seen of a green thigh was the one that appears on P Patch Parrots website!

If anyone has any other pictures of green thighs, pallids, yellow tails, or any other caique subspecies that are not commonly photographed, please send them this way! I want to make a gallery of all the photos for later use.

A blue caique?

Someone brought this to my attention via the caique forum. A picture was found, and posted, of a supposed blue mutation caique!
There has been a lively debate going on as to whether this mutation is possible. We know that other supposed caique mutations have been reported, yet there is only one living specimen that has yet to be positively identified.
Is this mutation fact or fiction? Personally I am leaning towards it being bunk- the way the orange on the nape still shines through the white makes me suspicious. Add to that, that the picture used is actually of a pair of pallid caiques, and this gets even curiouser! Pictures of pallid caiques are rare, to say the least. The probability of this mutation being real? Slim to none. But its an interesting thought, isn't it?