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Papegaaien Journal

A Dutch Magazine called Papageaaien Journal, or, ParrotJournal recently published an article written by site owner Emily. Here is an excerpt (in English) of the original version.

"Full of personality
Caiques have become infamous for their clown-like personalities. They have quickly gained the well-deserved reputation of being the clowns of the avian world. Whether they are attempting to moonwalk (hanging upside down in the cage and walking across the top), hopping like a kangaroo, or sleeping on their backs, caiques are always good for a laugh. I am often asked to describe the personality of the caique. It can be hard to perfectly characterize these bundles of joy. I usually use the following description:
"Imagine a dog, like a border collie, the type of dog that needs to be worked (for its sanity and the owners!). Now, mix in the intelligence of an African Grey parrot, and the attention span of a moth. That is a caique."
True to form, caiques are little busybodies."

To view the article in dutch, you can follow this link -

The article will also soon be available for download on the website.