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Its snowing.. its snowing!!!

Well, no really. On the blog it is! I am gearing up for Christmas folks, so expect to see some funky happenings going on around the site. I thought we could do a 25 days of Christmas type thing with the website. I have so many ideas in store I don't know which to implement first! In the works are:
-an education section [complete with coloring pages, emergency contact sheets that can be readily printed off and ready to use, and educational resources for use in seminars, birdclubs]
-recommended reading list
-updated 'dangerous materials' section
-total revamp of the site (come January. I have the cuuuutest spring theme saved, lol)
-making browsing easier for the site- no more getting lost in the pages!
-partnering with another bird site ( to bring you a creative map that will pinpoint lost/found birds.

....And so much more!

Another note- I know its been mentioned before, but our Caique Crazy 12 months of caiques calendar is now available for purchase! If you view our store you can browse our many gift items. If you have a parrot and are interested in getting his/her picture on an object, feel free to contact me. I do custom orders and can place any picture you give me on a multitude of items- anything from cooking aprons to travel mugs, and keychains!

Ok, ok, my little spiel is over.

Everyone have a happy holiday season. Caique stories coming soon!

The cages are here! (and a Happy Thanksgiving!)

After anxious waiting, my new cages are here! WOOHOO! The caiques got a total revamp. Previously, Higgins (my male BHC) was in a large California model cage, and Rosie was in a small California dometop. Now, they are both in a double stack cage, with so much room to spare! Each cage has interior dimensions of 35 by 30 by 40. These cages are heavy duty- I love them. The birds love them, too.

Now the above picture was taken before I had set up a full spectrum light on the bottom portion. No worries- the FS light is up and running and both birdies are happy.

Its amazing what a simple cage change can do for a birds attitude. My previous clinging, obsessive screaming, neurotic (ok, she still has issues, lol) little Rosie-Goober is no longer clinging to the side of the cage, yelling all the time. No matter how I re-arranged her previous cage, she was never happy. Now, she is running around her cage, playing, sitting in front of her light, just being a generally happy bird. I think the cage on top and the wall behind her makes her feel really secure [as she is a really insecure bird]. It seems to be just what she needed, because her horrible screaming has practically been non-existant since I put her in the new cage.

Higgins (my male BHC) loves being on top. He has always thought he was top bird and I think being so high up gives him an ego boost [not that he needs one!]. He has spent the past couple days looking out the window and playing with toys on the bottom of his new cage. WOOT! It's a happy household.

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving- from my flock to yours :)

Caique Calendar

2008 is quickly approaching- do you have your calendar yet?

We've got the ultimate calendar for caique lovers- 12 months of caiques! Each month is a beautiful, high quality picturing portraying caiques doing what they do best- being themselves!!!

Three versions of the calendar are available, so please browse our store to view them.

The Store

Pick out the calendar that best suits you. Makes a great present for a bird owner/lover!

Its pumpkin time!!!!

I love fall. I love the change in weather, the pretty trees, how the months smoothly blend together.

Another reason I love fall- the food! But not for me, for the birds :P

Fall means pumpkins and squash, mixed nuts, pomegranates, and all sorts of other seasonal fruit. Yum.

Last week was Halloween, and I got a large pumpkin to decorate with, and small minikins for the fids. They loved them. Here is my recipe for tails up pumpkins:
1 mini pumpkin

Wash the pumpkin thoroughly. Cut the top off. Wash & chop apples. Leave the 'guts' in the pumpkin. Stuff the inside with chopped apples, and sprinkle with cinnamon. Put the top back on. Warm oven to 375, place pumpkin in for 8-10 minutes, until warm and 'soft'. Remove, let cool, and feed to birds slightly warm.

It makes a great enrichment toy- not only is it good for them, but its loads of fun to shred!!!