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A new presidential runner

Its been on everyone's minds: politics. Who are you voting for this election? Did you read the latest scandal? Blah.. blah... blah. We were talking politics on the forum and things got a little heated, so I pulled a prank to lighten the mood.

Vote Caique for 2008- the only politician that won't let you down!

I jest, of course. But thinking about it... wouldn't the world be better off if caiques did rule? I can see it now...

Caiques rule the world: until they forget what they are doing or find something more interesting to do, halfway through the program.

Housing crisis? No problem! Everyone is let out of their cages to roam and survive. Locked up no longer!

Gas prices? Who needs gas when you've got wings?

Economy in a slump? The bird says as long as you can still get food, you are OK!

Maybe its better if caiques don't rule the world, after all....

Honey I'm home!

Well we have safely arrived to our new house, and gotten the fidlets somewhat situated. The car ride was long, but that is a story for another day! We pulled in somewhere around 10 pm, after getting hopelessly lost. Seeing as how the caiques like to put themselves to bed at around 7:30ish, they were not happy about having to be up 'after dark.'

Here you can see how the birds were situated in the car. 2 in the seat up front, 2 in the back. These are their traveling cages, which I love. They are collapsible so they store easy, but they are sturdy and great for traveling. Each of the birds had 2 perches and 2 side mount toys, as they would be in their travel cages for an extended period of time since we had to load the van, then drive, unpack the van, and unpack and clean the cages over a period of about 5 days. For the drive they had fresh fruit, seed, and a smidge of water.

Lesson learned during this trip? When birds are screaming in the car cause its past their bedtime, a chip from the quickee mart makes for a good bribe to be quiet.