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The first post

Amy here-

Welcome everyone to the Caique Crazy blog! This is my first ever blog posting, so please be patient as I learn the ropes :)

Have you noticed the new site? Topps has done a wonderful job setting up a new format for us! Please note the new URL-

We have also been hard at work setting up a new forum for our CCF members. Proboards was getting to be a pain, and there was just too many logistical problems to count. We were getting increasingly frustrated by the things we wanted to do with the old forum, but simply couldn't. So, CCF packed up all its gear and moved to Invision board style hosting! I gotta say, I love the changes. It runs faster then ever, and there are seemingly no limitations. For anyone who wants to take a peek, check us out at

Like the changes that have been happening? Sign our guestbook and let us know! Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Until next time