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Baby its cold outside!

With the winter weather upon us, its about the time of year that bird owners start to worry about their fidlets freezing their, um, tails off. Some winter suggestions for keeping your fids warm include:

-Investing in a heated perch. I've heard many good things about this product. Best for smaller birds like caiques that are not prone to trying to chew through heavy plastic items.

- Invest in a heavy, warm cage cover. In doing this you can turn the heat down a couple degrees at night, save on your heating bill, but not worry about turning your feathered friend into a birdie popsicle

- A reptile ceramic heat emitter (emits heat only, no light) works great as a heat source for your bird.

If you invest in one, be sure to put the emitter into the appropriate light source, such as this one that has a ceramic socket which will not pose a fire hazard. One with a dimmer switch like this works perfectly to give you control of heat output.

Avitec also sells avian heat panels which can install in an aviary or your home to provide your bird a warm place to cuddle up to. I've heard lots of good reviews about these devices as well.

Stay warm, and have a happy thanksgiving!


Sharon responded on November 24, 2008 at 2:19 PM #

All very good advice. Actually I've been meaning to get I nice cage cover... currently I use blankets.